Supervised Child Visits

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Are you separated and in need of a safe space for supervised visits or changeover purposes? Family Life's Children’s Contact Service can help.

Supervised Child Visits

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Safe and Supervised Children’s Contact Services

If you’re separated or going through a separation, you may need the Children’s Contact Service. Family Life offers Child Contact Services in the outer South East area of Melbourne.

Our Children’s Contact Service is neutral and child-focused – ensuring that children have safe and supervised contact with their parent. Families may be Court Ordered to use the Service or self-refer. Our Service may also help a child re-establish a relationship with grandparents and significant others after separation.

The Service aim, where it is safe to do so, is to help families move on to self-managing their child contact arrangements.

We offer two types of services:

8 x fortnightly supervised visits

  • Weekend visits 1.5 hour duration
  • Weekday visits 1 hour duration


8 x fortnightly supervised changeover/changeback (transfer of child between parents)


Outer South East area of Melbourne (Please contact us for details.)


Fees may be payable on a sliding scale, subject to income. (Please contact us, as fees vary case-by-case.)

Opening times:

Every Friday and Saturday
Sunday on a fortnightly basis
(Monday and Thursday visits by arrangement)

Please note:
• Waiting periods may apply and vary according to demand.
• Both parents’ application forms are required to proceed with the intake/assessment process.
• Children aged five years and above, may meet with a Specialist Practitioner prior to spending time arrangements commencing.
• Parents are expected to support and encourage their child’s involvement with the Service in line with our child focused policy
• Children are not permitted to attend their parent’s assessment interview. Please ensure that you make child care arrangements during this time.

The application process:

Download the application form here……


Step 1: Download the application form and check your eligibility and application requirements.
Step 2: *Complete an application form and return with supporting documents to the email below:

*A separate application form is required for each parent or significant other.

Step 3: You will receive an email/phone call confirming that we have received your application. You may be placed on a waitlist which varies according to demand.
Step 4: According to availability and once we receive both applications, we will contact each parent to arrange a separate assessment interview. This will ensure the most appropriate child focused service plan is established.
Step 5: Commence your supervised visits or changeovers at the agreed days/times. A Specialist Practitioner will support your child/ren and family throughout the process.
*If required by Court, the Service can provide an Observational Report. (Please contact us for details; fees apply.)

Please note the Children’s Contact Service does not operate on Public Holidays.

If you have any further questions, please call the Children’s Contact Service on (03) 8599 5433.

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