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Separation challenges can easily overshadow the needs of your children. The Parenting Orders Programs works to ensure your children are put first during separation.

Parenting Orders Program

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Put your child first with Parenting Orders Program

Sometimes, when families are separated, issues among parents can overshadow the needs of their children. If you can’t seem to agree on how or when you should see your child, or can’t make parenting orders work between yourselves, it might be time to seek support.

Family Life offers several services that can help you better understand and respond to your child’s needs. Whether it’s talking to a specialist family counsellor or attending a post-separation workshop, we can help you following a separation.

Should I enrol?

Our Parenting Orders Programs can assist separated families better tend to the needs of their children. The program will benefit you if you’re:

  • Part of separated family
  • Struggling with co-parenting
  • Not talking to your partner
  • Have a court order.

The program is useful to parents involved in the Family Court, but all separated families are welcome. You’ll simply attend an assessment to see if the program will meet your needs.

How will I benefit?

Bringing up kids isn’t easy, especially if you’re separated and trying to manage co-parenting arrangements. Our Parenting Orders Programs are flexible and fit your situation.

So, you might:
  • Talk with a family counsellor
  • Receive parenting information
  • Take part in an educational workshop
  • Try mediation.

It all depends on your situation and parenting arrangements.

What will the Parenting Order Program include?

We currently offer two components to our Parenting Order Programs. Counselling and groups

1. Parenting Orders Program Counselling

This Family Life program can help you if you’re struggling with co-parenting relationships after separation.


We’ll work with you as long as needed.


As a government-funded service, the program is free.

  • Sandringham
  • Frankston
  • Cranbourne

Dowload the application form here

For more information, call Family Life Frankston on (03) 8599 5433, or email info@familylife.com.au.

2. Stand By Me (Post Separation Parenting Course)

As part of Stand By Me, you’ll come together with others to share your experiences and help each other solve complex parenting problems. While this course is part of the Parenting Orders Program, we also offer it as a stand-alone group.

If you would like more information about the Stand By Me program, call Family Life Frankston on (03) 8599 5433, or email info@familylife.com.au


**Please note that due to COVID-19 we are not able to offer these services face to face. We are exploring ways to deliver this service online and look forward to updating you soon. Whilst our physical service centres are closed, we are still available via phone or email for you to access our services.


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