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Separation challenges can easily overshadow the needs of your children. The Parenting Orders Program helps parents learn strategies to ensure that children are the focus.

Parenting Orders Program

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Learn how to maintain a child focus, with the Parenting Orders Program (POP)

Sometimes, when families are separated, issues between parents can overshadow the needs of their children. If you can’t seem to agree on how or when you should see your child, or find it difficult to make your Parenting Orders work, Family Life offers the Parenting Orders Program or POP.

POP can help you better understand and respond to your child’s needs. Whether it’s talking to a Specialist Practitioner or attending a post-separation parenting group, we can help you following a separation.

Who can enrol?

Our Parenting Orders Program can assist Court Ordered separated families better tend to the needs of their children.
POP will benefit you if you’re:

  • A separated parent/significant other
  • Have a Court Order
  • Struggling with co-parenting
  • Having difficulties communicating with your ex-partner or you are not talking at all

How will I benefit?

Bringing up children isn’t easy, especially if you’re separated and trying to manage co-parenting arrangements. POP can work with the whole family and provides therapeutic support and psycho educational group work to help you through this challenging time.

So, you might:

  • Talk with a POP Specialist Practitioner
  • Attend the post separation parenting group called – ‘Stand by Me.’
  • Receive therapeutic support for your family as you engage with the Children’s Contact Service
  • Receive appropriate referrals to other Family Life programs such as mediation.

It all depends on your situation and parenting arrangements.


What does the Parenting Orders Program include?

POP offers two components: Individual sessions and Psycho Educational Groups

1. Therapeutic support

If you’re struggling with co-parenting relationships after separation, and/or your child needs support to deal with the separation then individual, child or family sessions (where it is safe to do so) may help.


POP offers up to 6 sessions per client


Fees may be payable and are calculated on a sliding scale according to income. Please contact us for more details as fees vary case by case.


You live in the South East area of Melbourne


2. Stand by Me – Post Separation Parenting Group/Individual Sessions


Stand by Me is an online group via ZOOM.


Day Group = 4 consecutive weekly, 3 hour sessions
Evening Group = 5 consecutive weekly, 2.5 hour sessions.
Groups are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Please contact us for dates and times.

During the group you will:
  • Engage with other separated parents
  • Explore a business type framework for parenting
  • Learn how to put your child first
  • Explore grief and loss (post separation)
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Understand the impact of conflict on your child/ren
  • Share your experience with other group participants
Receive a Certificate of Attendance

You must attend all group sessions to receive a Certificate of Attendance, which may be helpful for the Court.

Individual Sessions:

Individual sessions will occur pre and post the group. The individual sessions are an opportunity to explore in more depth the concepts delivered during the group.


Fees may be payable and are calculated on a sliding scale according to income. Please contact us for more details as fees vary case by case.


You live in the South East area of Melbourne

3. Children’s Group

POP is in the process of developing a new Children’s Group to help support your child during or after the separation process.
The group will be available for primary school aged children and adolescents.
Watch this space for more details…..

How do I apply?

Step 1: Download the application form and check your eligibility and application requirements.

Step 2: *Complete an application form and return with supporting documents to the email below:

*A separate application form is required for each parent or significant other.

Step 3: You will receive an email/phone call confirming that we have received your application. You may be placed on a waitlist which varies according to demand.
Step 4: We will contact you to arrange an individual assessment, to enable us to discuss your needs and develop an appropriate service plan.

Download the application form here……


Any questions?

If you have Court Orders and are facing challenges with your separation, please contact us on (03) 8599 5433 to discuss how the Parenting Orders Program can assist you.


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