Windows of Opportunity Research Report

By Sophie Noonan May 14, 2024

We are really pleased to present the final research report, and a short Knowledge and Practice guide sharing findings from the Windows of Opportunity: Strengthening child focused practice in Family Safety Advocacy (FSA) work research project.


This small qualitative research project conducted by Family Life and funded by Family Safety Victoria aimed to understand where and how child focused approaches in FSA as a component of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs could be strengthened and inform the development of a child focused model for this service.


The lifelong impacts that family violence can have on a child’s health and development are well understood and enhancing child focused practice has been a key element of the Victorian Government’s family violence reform agenda. Child focused practice offers opportunities to understand and respond to children’s specific needs for safety, wellbeing and healing as well as supporting parents and caregivers to better understand their children’s experiences as victim survivors.


FSA enhances the safety of adult and child victim survivors, while an adult using family violence is engaged in a Men’s Behaviour change program. Currently FSA is an adult focused service, but has a remit to support safety and wellbeing of all family members including children and young people through their safe parent or caregiver.


FSA work continues to develop to meet the changing needs for safety and support for victim survivors and is supported by strong policy and practice guidance, yet little is known about how children and young people experience this service, and how it meets their needs for safety and recovery.


The Windows of Opportunity research has brought together existing evidence through a review of literature and captured victim survivor and practice perspectives through consultations with victim survivors about their service experiences, and Family Safety Advocates and other family violence workers and managers, to understand current strengths, barriers and opportunities for child focused approaches.


This report and knowledge and practice guide invites both practitioners and organisations to reflect on the research findings and consider small and concrete ways they can effectively partner with children and young people through FSA work to support their safety, wellbeing and recovery from family violence.


Windows of opportunity: Research Report


Windows of opportunity: Knowledge and Practice guide

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