At-Risk Teens

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Your child’s teenage years is a time of opportunity not turmoil. However, some are more at risk of developing a mental illness than others.

At-Risk Teens

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Helping at-risk teens get their life back on track

Being a parent is no easy task, especially if you’re concerned about your teen and their transition to adulthood. Family Life can help you give the best guidance and support to your teen.
We offer a range of at-risk youth services for young people and their families though our Youth and Family Services. Our work with young people might include individual support or counselling, goal setting, community involvement or learning opportunities. Often, we’ll get together in comfortable places like a coffee shop, school or the beach.

How do I know if my teenager is ‘at-risk’?

Knowing if your teen is at-risk can be difficult, as the warning signs are often hidden. If your teen displays any of the following, and you feel they’re losing control, it might be worth seeking help:

  • Abusive behaviour towards family and others
  • Drinking excessively
  • Trouble controlling their feelings
  • Living with bullying or life after trauma

How can Family Life help?

Our Youth and Family Services team uses a ‘whole-of-family’ approach that promotes everyone’s involvement. This means we’ll work with your entire family to create a happier, more harmonious environment by:

  • Offering parents and teens information, guidance and support
  • Providing parenting education
  • Connecting your family with relevant support and healthcare networks
  • Working to set goals led by your family’s needs
  • Identifying and addressing risky behaviours
  • Strengthening family relationships and communication
  • Engaging with other specialised services, including counselling, to provide additional assistance.

What do others have to say about the services?

“I was given advice that can be used; listening to problems and solving it together.”
“My worker helped me understand the situation and gave me advice on how to overcome it.”
“I was told to open up and not to keep things in; set goals for myself and be more organised.”

Who do I contact for assistance?

Simply reach out to Orange Door.

Orange Door provides access to women’s and children’s family violence services, child and family services, Aboriginal services and men’s family violence services.

Orange Door will assess your situation and refer you to the appropriate support services accordingly.

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