Feedback, Compliments, Complaints and Privacy

Family Life welcomes feedback, compliments and complaints as a way of improving our service delivery.

Feedback & Compliments

Participants in Family Life services, volunteers and members of the public have the opportunity to provide, with anonymity where desired, formal and informal feedback.

Service participants are invited to provide written feedback by way of confidential questionnaire. Direct feedback is also welcomed at any time during service.

A compliment received in writing or in person may be shared in our external or internal communications where consent has been granted.

To provide comments of a general nature or to request a service feedback questionnaire, please contact us on the form below.


Family Life strives to operate with high quality and integrity throughout all our services and enterprises, and recognises that from time to time people may not be happy with the service they have received.

You have the right to make a complaint about the activities or service provided or refused by the agency.

All complaints will be treated with respect and dealt with in a timely and courteous manner.

Where you are dissatisfied with service, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns directly with your practitioner, or your practitioner’s Team Leader. If you still have concerns, you may speak with the Program Manager, or write to the CEO of Family Life at 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham 3191. If necessary, assistance can be provided to contact the relevant government authority or professional body for the service provided. Please call Family Life on 03 8599 5433 to access this assistance.

Information regarding families and participants’ rights, including feedback, is also provided within Family Life’s Client Information brochure which is provided when a Family Life service is commenced. A copy of this brochure can also be provided on request.

Persons not currently receiving practitioner services who wish to lodge a complaint may do so in writing, addressed to Family Life at 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham 3191, or via the form below.

Privacy Statement

Family Life is committed to protecting your privacy through responsible handling of personal information.

We will only use or disclose personal information about an individual for purposes necessary to the agency’s work, unless otherwise consented to by the individual or required by law.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect and hold in respect to individuals is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

We have secure office premises, document storage and information technology arrangements to protect the personal information we hold from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Read our comprehensive Family Life Privacy Policy.

You can discuss access to your personal information and/or the Family Life Privacy Policy, by contacting the Privacy Officer. Please call Family Life on 03 8599 5433.

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