Supporting Clients during the Pandemic

By Zoe Hopper June 1, 2020

We are pleased to be able to report that Family Life was able to respond quickly as the pandemic restrictions were put in place.

This meant that our services were quickly adjusted to meet the needs of our clients under trying circumstances. To read more about our processes to manage these fast-paced changes click here.

We are also feeling optimistic about the progress being made following the relaxation of restrictions over recent weeks, however, are mindful that in actual fact remote working arrangements will continue for some time to come.

Our Impact & Strategy and People & Culture teams have been working hard to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the requirements and the implications for our staff, volunteers and clients.

As part of re-establishment of on-site practices a thorough consultation process is being undertaken. This work has informed the development of COVID specific health and safety protocols that will guide us through this complex staged return.

Our focus is on the re-introduction of Client Services in the first instance, this commenced with Men’s Behaviour Change Groups running from both Sandringham and Frankston sites from 1 June 2020. Social Enterprise and the re-opening of some store locations is also underway in the first phase.

This slow and steady approach will ensure that our most vulnerable clients that aren’t able to engage in remote service delivery, will again be able to have the face to face support they need.

Please be aware that although we have commenced a staged return to onsite work, access to Family Life premises is still restricted.


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