New Report Highlights Family & Relationship Services in Australia

By Sophie Noonan September 27, 2023

A recent report conducted by the Centre for International Economics (CIE) on behalf of Family & Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) showcases the remarkable contributions of family and relationship services in Australia.

As a member of FRSA, we are thrilled with this report. We provide services that include Family Relationship Centre, Children’s Contact Services, Parenting Orders Programme and Family and Relationship Services directly to the south east region of Melbourne. Our services play a crucial role in providing psychological, emotional, and physical support to individuals, families, and communities in need.

The report’s findings are telling:

  • In the year 2021/22, these services assisted 484,800 clients through 250,100 cases, providing a total of 1.29 million care sessions.
  • The cost-benefit ratios for Family Law Services and the Families and Children Activity range from $7.85 to $8.67 for every dollar of government funding.
  • These services primarily operate in the prevention and early intervention sphere, diverting individuals from more expensive tertiary service systems like the courts and crisis mental health services.

This report represents the first comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of family and relationship services using the government’s SCORE framework across all relevant services. It underscores the significant return on investment, both socially and financially, that these services offer.

Read the report HERE: https://frsa.org.au/Economic-Evaluation

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