Being a 50+ Woman Is Risky Business

By admin August 13, 2019

There is growing evidence that an increasing number of Australian women over 50 years of age are facing unique risks to their financial security and general wellbeing.

In response to this Family Life have developed a program that seeks to educate women about what they need to know and be prepared for, in order to age well and in control of their circumstances.

To launch the initiative the organisation is inviting women over 50 to a FREE special High Tea at 10 – 11am, Thursday 15 August at the Family Life Cheltenham Community Store.

Family Life CEO, Jo Cavanagh said:

“A growing number of older women are often not prepared for the economic insecurity that can occur later in life.

“Being forced out of the workforce early, insufficient superannuation, the death of an income earning spouse or escaping family violence are just a few of the scenarios facing more and more older women.

“Catch Up for Women brings women together to learn, socialise and support each other and connect them with specialist advice and resources.

“Helping women to be in control of their circumstances as they age is more imperative than ever before.”

The program pilot was developed in 2018 with strong support from the volunteer community.

Using information participants provided, Family Life has created this comprehensive program giving participants access to resources including: mentor support, a dedicated Facebook group and App as well as activities and opportunities for women to meet new people and become part of a social network.

How you can get involved:

  • think about your family and friendship circle, is someone isolated or had a recent life-shock?
    check in with them to see if they have people to talk to
    invite them to attend a Catch Up 4 Women event or activity, encourage them to drop into a Family Life Community Store or to give Family Life a call, to find out what is involved

To find out more visit our website to watch a short video, or register your interest to become a mentor at

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