Catch Up is program designed to support and educate older women to strengthen their quality of life and financial security by improving access to resources and services available.

What is Catch Up 4 Women?

Catch Up 4 Women is a bold new Family Life initiative that seeks to identify better strategies for raising awareness and educating women about what they need to know, and be prepared for, in order to age well, in control of their circumstances.

The Catch Up 4 Women program proposes to bring women together to learn, socialise and support each other, and facilitate engagement with specialist advice and resources. General learning is proposed through coaching or mentorship to develop a plan customised to each individual’s circumstances.

Why do we need Catch Up 4 Women?

Our research findings uncovered evidence that women, ethnic minorities, and people who are divorced, widowed or never married are especially vulnerable to negative wealth shocks. The risk is equally severe regardless of people’s initial net wealth – being richer before the shock is not a protective factor.

There are many contributing factors that have been blamed for older women not having the financial means or financial capability to remain in the family home. This includes:

  • The predicted population growth of people aged over 65
  • Domestic violence
  • A decreased market for casual jobs
  • Women now finding themselves single due to death or separation

Many women are coming to the end of their careers, and have less superannuation than men, due to:

  • Time out from the workforce
  • Raising children
  • Gender inequality in wages

For more information about the program and to watch our Catch Up 4 Women video click here

What is the solution?

Following community consultation, Family Life has developed a program to support older women as they age.

  1. Designed a customisable local program to strengthen knowledge, skills and connections.
  2. Developed materials and resources (accessible on this website – COMING SOON).
  3. Delivering a pilot Catch Up 4 Women program in May 2019

What next?

Become a mentor – register your interest (via the form below) to join the pilot program as a mentor to help older women access resources and support they need

Donate funds – to help us raise awareness and increase visibility of this issue to support older women of the future.

To find out more about Catch Up 4 Women, please call (03) 8599 5488 or email

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