The Activity at Home Project

By Zoe Hopper September 2, 2020

The Activity at Home Project is an initiative developed by the Family Life Infant Team. It is the hands-on practical application of the Circle of Security early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children and help parents raise their children with love, warmth, and emotional intelligence.

The Activity at Home Project has given Family Life the ability to continue to support our parents to co-exist within the family home during social isolation in a safe, stable and collaborative way. The project has been set up to be easy for the parents to understand and implement, ensuring the family has everything they need in an organised daily package.

Child safety and stability has improved because the children are stimulated and have purpose while staying at home; this has helped to eliminate some of the risks of parental fatigue, frustration, burn out and escalation. The project has also helped to strengthen parent’s mental health, communication and problem-solving skills. Weekly consultation with the parents has helped to produce a tailored package for each child in the family and helps the parents feel part of the process and empowered.

The feedback from our families has been nothing but positive. Parents have noted improved engagement with their children and are very appreciative of such a wonderful project.

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