Steven Smith drops in on ‘Talking With Ken’ podcast

By Sophie Noonan June 6, 2023

Our Manager of Family Safety – Men’s Services, Steven Smith, recently spoke with Ken McMaster for an episode of his podcast, ‘Talking with Ken’. As well as writing several books on the topic, advising on government policy related to family violence and holding various lecturing positions, Ken has over thirty years’ experience of intervention work with men who are violent and who perpetrate sexual abuse. Ken brings this important topic to a wider audience through connecting with those who contribute to the thinking, policy and practice involved in disrupting domestic and family violence.

The discussion covers important topics, including how models of care have evolved over the years to be more adaptive and trauma-informed, the challenges faced by practitioners today and the difficulties Steve has faced when contributing toward the prevention of child exploitation in multiple countries.

For those interested in gaining some insight into this complex topic, we encourage you to listen to the full episode by clicking the link below.


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