Family Life Working to Plan for Society 4.0

By admin July 29, 2019

Family Life is constantly evolving. Seeking to learn and adapt for the work that we do and then share this knowledge with our colleagues and the sector. Our role in Collective Impact leadership is a good example of this process.

In our partnership with Swinburne University’s Social Innovation Research Institute, Family Life is also exploring the impact of Society 4.0 and the societal implications of living with, adapting to and securing wellbeing in the digital economy.

The digital economy includes high-level data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, changing employment and the nature of work. It drives the ever increasing divide. As the digital economy continues to progress only large organisations will have the resources required for data literacy, computing power and connections. This leaves civil society and potentially the achievement of ‘a good society’ vulnerable.

With Swinburne, Family Life seeks to promote, probe and innovate with ideas and practices of working with data, data analytics and technology. As part of this journey we consider and plan for the impact of Society 4.0. A concern being the increasing automation of processes that will inevitably affect jobs and human wellbeing and require thoughtful and intentional leadership to mitigate risks and optimise opportunities for all.

In this important work we seek to re-orientate these disruptions to ensure good outcomes at individual, community and society levels. This is a leadership responsibility for the Community Sector.

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