Creating Capable Leaders with Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association

By admin September 2, 2019

As part of an initiative to increase social and economic outcomes, the CCC Hastings team has been delivering the Creating Capable Leader program to indigenous women, and their next of kin, at Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association.

Participants graduated from the program in the last week of June.

Creating Capable Communities Community Development Leader, Aly, and her team, Rosette and Giovanna, submitted the following account of their time with Willum Warrain:

“Willum Warrain is located in Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula and is filled with cultural richness that is established on the basis of their values.

It is a place where people from all walks of life are welcome. The primary objective of the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association “… is to be a place of hope and healing, culture and connection, being and belonging for our mob”.

Willum Warrain are also a leading organisation in the movement towards reconciliation.

Our time whilst delivering Creating Capable Leaders has been both enriching and a good learning experience to better understand the traditional ways of working with the collective community. Using narrative and gender roles to bring women’s leadership and empowerment to the forefront of our work at Family Life.

During this time the women were very expressive about the aspects of healing and had visioned an outcome that led to the healing of others using traditional methods. Their project concept consisted of a social enterprise initiative, which comprised of healing products made from traditional plants, like the lemon myrtle.

They have used the lemon myrtle as their plant of choice to make balms, foot soak, damper and tea. These are product concepts at this stage, yet to be tested within the community.

They have dreamt of using these prototypes to be used as marketable products for Willum Warrain Cooperation sometime in the near future.”

As part of this program, these amazing women’s idea is to use social enterprise for economic empowerment and to promote women’s leadership. Using traditional means to provide healing and inviting the wider community into their customs and culture.

For more information about CCL or Willum Warrain, please contact Aly, Rosie or Giovanna.

social and economic outcomes

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