Corporate Volunteering Event

Puma Australia has been working with Family Life to support children in our community and, as a result, help create capable communities.

Corporate Volunteering Event

By admin December 6, 2018

Family Life has been running Creating Capable Communities (CCC) since 1998. With help from local partners and residents, Family Life created after school and breakfast club, community houses, volunteer supported playgroups, community activities and skill development programs to help people in the community who were struggling with some aspect of their lives. All these programs continue today.

One component of our CCC program is to encourage community change.  By empowering the community to make a difference CCC builds on local strengths to lead, own and sustain change.  As part of this local businesses and organisations are engaged to support targeted causes.

An example of how this initiative can work can be seen in a recent project with PUMA.  Through Corporate Challenge Events, Puma recently ran a team building exercise where they built bikes and then donated them to children participating in the CCC program at Wallaroo Primary School and the Keith Street Playtime Buddies Playgroup.  As part of this relationship, the company also donated PUMA apparel to Family Life to distribute amongst the children we support.

Aly Madden, Creating Capable Communities Community Development Team Leader, said:

“Corporate volunteering provides huge benefits to the families in our programs.  Some of the recipients had never had their own bike before and if they had, never a new one.

“The response to being a recipient of such a large gift was overwhelming for some.  A memory that will no doubt stay with them for the rest of their lives. The gift to these families goes beyond the receiving of the bike.

“Thank-you to PUMA and Corporate Challenge Events for making this possible.”

PUMA GM, Pancho, said, “The positive effects on staff following our corporate volunteering activities, never ceases to amaze me.

At PUMA, we believe in inclusivity and equality for all and work every day to move sport and culture forward. And while we are a global brand, our people and teams are very much focused on the local communities we live and work in and finding new ways to make a positive difference.

The Corporate Challenge was an excellent way for us to give our hard-working teams a break, to come together, to have fun, to learn more about each other, develop some key communication skills and most importantly support an organization that will put a smile on so many children’s faces.

We took a lot away from the experience, but the true win was seeing the 15 bikes the team built donated to deserving families who live in our community and are supported by the Family Life organization.

The pictures of the smiling kids with their new bikes stole ALL our hearts and made our day. Our deep gratitude to Family Life for helping us coordinate this special event and allowing us to play a small part in bringing some holiday joy into the lives of some of our neighbouring families.

Thank you again! Team PUMA OCEANIA.”

The ripple effect of corporate volunteering goes far beyond the tangible item that is being gifted.  

Corporate staff who participate in this program also receive a feeling of wellbeing and self worth for making a difference in someone else’s life.

If you would like some further information about volunteering opportunities at Family Life email  volunteering@familylife.com.au or call 8599 5433.


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