Family Life Championing Men’s Support Services in the Family Violence Space

By Zoe Hopper September 12, 2023

Last month, members of the Family Life team attended the No to Violence Conference: Leading the change to break the cycle of violence.

The conference brought together national and international leaders in the field to showcase research, innovative thinking and best practice work to help reduce – and end – men’s family violence.

Allison Wainwright, Family Life CEO, chaired a session with a panel of industry professionals including Tony Johannsen, Executive Manager – Clinical Practice and Quality, and Megan Page, Program Manager – Men’s Support Services. This panel explored the implementation of mandate programs for men through courts across Victoria, focusing on practice, implementation and strategic issues learnt.

Every year, Family Life provides behaviour change programs to hundreds of men who use violence against families.

Over the past financial year, we have expanded our men’s support services, becoming one of the largest providers of behaviour change programs nationally, as well as expanding targeted interventions for fathers who use violence. This work has been developed alongside risk management and therapeutic support for women and children through our suite of trauma informed family violence programs.


Snapshot of Family Life Men’s Services:

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

A 20 week, group program for men using family violence with a focus on promoting family safety, respect and equality. The program is delivered face-to-face and online.

Perpetrator Case Management Program

Provides an individualised response to adults using family violence to take responsibility for and stop their use of violence by coordinating access to specialist services, reducing barriers and assisting engagement with programs that aim to stop family violence.

Dads in Focus

An eight-module program  to help men better understand  the impact of family violence on their role as a father and on the parenting of their children.

Court Mandated Counselling Order Program

A program funded by Court Services Victoria to help men gain awareness and insights into the impact of their use of family violence, and work towards changing their attitudes and behaviour, ultimately keeping women and children safe.

Post Participation

A brief intervention model, funded by DFFH, that provides further support and information to clients who have already successfully completed a Men’s Behaviour Change Program.

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