Men’s Behaviour Change Program

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A program for men wanting to end the use of violence in relationships. Changing behaviour and challenging beliefs are the vital first steps to becoming better fathers and partners.

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

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Family Life’s Men’s Behaviour Change Program aims to help you address the problematic behaviour, discuss your personal issues and overcome them in a supportive and helpful environment.

Is this program for me?

Family violence isn’t just physical and can come in many forms. If you have shown any of the following behaviours, it might be time to make a change in your life:

  • Have you struggled to control your anger, or felt frustrated and controlling?
  • Have you made your partner or family members fear you?
  • Have you regretted how you acted or felt embarrassed about your behaviour?
  • Have you lashed out, using words or your fists?

What will I learn?

This 20 week program offers group-based support to help you make long term, positive changes to your behaviour.

You will have the opportunity to talk with other men in similar situations about their journey so far, and learn how to be a better father, partner and role model.

How will I benefit?

Taking part in this program offers a number of benefits. You will:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to make significant life changes
  • Learn the tools and methods needed to better understand yourself and your emotions
  • Have the opportunity to share your journey and experiences with others

What do other men have to say about the program?

“I thought of myself as a nonviolent person towards my wife and children but i was shown that some of the habits I had learnt growing up that I believed were normal were in fact violent. I had 40 years of habits to challenge and change, and this was something I found to be difficult as I had to change my thinking as well.”

“I am slowly rebuilding my life – it’s such a challenge – but at least now I have some goals and a direction.”

“Meeting other men in similar situations made me realise that I wasn’t the only one dealing with this stuff.”

“I haven’t saved my relationship, but now my kids feel safe to see me and ‘Katie’ trusts me with them.”

“Our kids have started playing noisily again.”

How can I  make a change?

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is available at both our Sandringham and Frankston centres. Contact one of our venues to arrange an assessment with the program facilitator.

  • Sandringham
    • 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham, Victoria 3191.
    • Tel: 03 8599 5433
  • Frankston
    • Level 1, 60-64 Wells Street, Frankston, Victoria 3199.
    • Tel: 03 9770 0341

If you would like to know more about this service or check your eligibility, contact Family Life on (03) 8599 5433 or submit a request through our Contact Us page. To request support from this service, please complete this form.

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