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By admin September 9, 2019

Family Life’s Family Violence and Trauma Repair program, Strength2Strength, has been recognised in the 2019 GiveEasy Innovation Index in the Disruptive Transformation Project category.

Strength2Strength (S2S) is a government funded program to support women and children who have experienced family violence.

The program is led by Family Life as an effective integrated services partnership with South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA), Peninsula Health, Salvation Army and Good Shepherd.

The innovative program has been developed in response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016), which highlighted the need for family violence services to adopt a trauma informed approach to practice.

Deputy CEO of Family Life, Allison Wainwright said:

“Due to financial constraints, many children exposed to violence do not receive therapeutic assistance.”

“Strength2Strength helps children exposed to family violence through a child centred, multidisciplinary and trauma informed approach.”

“The focus is on supporting vulnerable women and children through trauma repair. Giving them the support and tools they need to recover and change the trajectory of their lives.”

The results of the program speak for themselves. Measurement of the outcomes have shown that in addition to a string of other positive outcomes:

  • 79.5% of mothers/carers entered the program with a likelihood of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which decreased to 40.7% of mothers leaving our service with a likelihood of PTSD
  • 76.9% of children (aged 8-17 yo) entered the program with a likelihood of PTSD which decreased to 41.7% of children (aged 8-17 yo) leaving our service with a likelihood of PTSD

“We are extremely proud to have been recognised by GiveEasy in this category,” Ms Wainwright said.

To find out more about Family Life or Strength2Strength call 8599 5433 or email strength2strength@familylife.com.au

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