Volunteer Induction

Our people are the engine of Family Life. Our most valuable asset. They serve our communities and positively impact lives with the work they do.

Volunteer Induction

Our volunteers are engaged in all aspects of our work. Through volunteering we enable individuals to learn, be active and to strengthen their bonds within the community. Through volunteering, Family Life strengthens our capability and connectedness.


Congratulations on your new volunteer role! We’re thrilled to have you on board.

Before your first day with us there are a few formalities you will need to complete your induction which includes:
1. Safety Screening
2. Family Life Induction
3. Code of Conduct & Acknowledgement
4. Volunteer Policy & Acknowledgement
5. Volunteer Disciplinary Policy & Acknowledgement

As you complete each stage we will be notified electronically. Once we have confirmation that you have completed all of your  induction steps we will provide you with a Volunteer Agreement and confirm your start date.

1. Safety Screening

You should have completed your required Safety Screening checks. They will have included a National Police Check, an International Police Check (if applicable) and a Volunteer Working With Children Check listing Family Life as an affiliated organisation. If for some reason you have not completed these or need us to reissue them please let us know immediately and do not proceed with your induction.

2. Family Life Induction

Please complete the Family Life induction. You will have been notified by a Volunteer Coordinator which module you need to undertake, either the Services or Non-Services Induction. Click on the appropriate link below and search for “Family Life” Do more steps that are 1, 2, 3 etc… (Need info from Keston on what to do)
Link to Services Induction

Link to Non-Services Induction

3. Code of Conduct

Everyone who is part of Family Life is expected to behave in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Please read our Code of Conduct and complete the form acknowledging you have read and agree to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

Download Code of Conduct doc here

Link to Acknowledgement form

4. Volunteer Policy

Family Life’s Volunteer Program aligns with the National Standards put forth by Volunteering Australia and they are incorporated into our program and our Volunteer Policy. Please read Family Life’s Volunteer Policy and complete the acknowledgement form once you have read it.

PDF link to Vol Policy

Link to Acknowledgement form

5. Volunteer Disciplinary Policy

As a Family Life Volunteer you have the right to access a grievance process (outlined in the Workplace Conduct Policy in the Induction) and a disciplinary process. Please read the Family Life Volunteer Disciplinary Policy and complete the acknowledgement form once you have read it.

PDF link to Volunteer Disciplinary Policy

Link to Acknowledgement form


If you have any queries throughout the process please get in touch with a Volunteer Coordinator:


Thank you so much for completing your Volunteer Induction – we look forward to welcoming you soon!