Volunteer Profile – Moya

Moya’s Story


Moya recently joined Family Life as a volunteer, working in the Mornington Peninsula Community Op Shop.

‘At first, I was hesitant to apply,’ Moya recalls. ‘But Eske and the volunteering team made it so easy, and the following week, I had my first shift.’

From that moment on, Moya’s life changed for the better. She had found a purpose, a reason to get up and go every day. ‘I love getting to say to my family, “I can’t do that today, I have to go to work”’ Moya admits with a chuckle.

As an Op Shop Volunteer, Moya is surrounded by the things she loves most – books, art, and music. ‘I love that I get to immerse myself in the books and art that come into the store, and share my knowledge with customers’ Moya beams. ‘I love organising and colour-coordinating displays, and I really love that we all dance when the music comes on!’

“People might only come in to shop, but they leave dancing and smiling!”

But what Moya feels most strongly about is the difference a Community Op Shop can make to the more vulnerable people in the community. ‘Our Op Shops are different’, she says. ‘They have a personality. They are a place for people to connect, and to have a chat when you’re lonely. Everyone leaves with a smile.’

Through her volunteer work with Family Life, Moya has found a sense of fulfilment and purpose that she never thought possible. She has made new friends, gained new skills, and has a newfound appreciation for the positive impact a small gesture, such as volunteering, can make in one’s life and in the community.


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