COVID-19 Safety and Volunteering

Our people are the engine of Family Life. Our most valuable asset. They serve our communities and positively impact lives with the work they do.

COVID-19 Safety and Volunteering

While we continue to navigate COVID-19, Family Life is undertaking the necessary steps to ensure the safe return of our integral volunteers.


All of us at Family Life have to do our part to ensure that us, our families and our community all stay safe. To ensure that we continue to fulfil our obligations in regards to health and safety, Family Life has developed a COVID-19 Safety process for the graduated return to site based volunteering.

In preparation for returning to site, we have put in place new procedures and safety measures at all of our locations. Please review Family Life’s COVID-19 Safe Protocols document.

You can view our COVID-19 Safety Protocols by clicking HERE.

When you have completed reading the document, please take the time to consider your unique situation. Then click on the orange button to complete your COVID-19 Consultation & Commitment to Safety form. The Volunteer Team may contact you to discuss your answers in further detail.

Complete the COVID-19 Consultation and Commitment to Safety form


Additional COVID-19 Informative Resources

DHHS Staying Safe
DHHS Face Masks
DHHS Coronavirus Website
Current restrictions in Victoria


Thank you so much for committing to be COVID-19 Safe. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

If you have any queries throughout the process please get in touch with a Volunteer Coordinator: