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Learn about the tailored workplace training and professional workshops available for your organisation, facilitated by Heartlinks.

Professional Development

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Bring innovative training to your workplace

As an organisation with nearly 50 years experience delivering innovative community services programs, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with other organisations to further serve the needs of individuals and families in our community.  We offer tailored training solutions to a variety of workplaces in the form of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Many of our professional clients choose to work with Family Life – and our social enterprise, Heartlinks – because of our focus on uplifting our community, in all its interlinking ways. When you choose to train with Family Life and Heartlinks, the profits fund our work with children, parents, families and individuals – resulting in a stronger, more resilient community.

Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

A focus on mental health in your workplace is not only a sound investment in your team, but also in your business. A mentally healthy and aware workplace reduces the churn of burnout, and improves productivity, boosts company culture and reduces staff turnover.

Find out more about our Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop.

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma informed practice is an innovative philosophy that Family Life carries out across everything we do. The implications of trauma can be widespread and unexpected, but staff training can prepare your team to provide empathetic and informed support.

Find out more about Trauma Informed Practice Training.

To find out how our Heartlinks facilitators can customise training and development to met your specific requirements please call us on 85995488 or email your enquiry to

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