Family Life's After School Club is a welcoming place where children can learn homework habits, enjoy healthy snacks and participate in structured sports, crafts, literacy activities and other games.

Family Life offers an extra hand after school

Bonding with your children can be difficult, especially if they’re struggling at home or at school. Family Life offers After School Club, where you and your child can get involved in a number of activities.

Our program offers a safe space where you and you child can bond over craft activities, sports, games or even cooking. What’s more, our staff and volunteers are here to listen, and help you and your child talk through some of the  concerns you’re facing.

Helping you and your children after school

Come and join us at our After School Club. Not only is a lot of fun, we can also assist you and your child if you’re facing challenges. The program is designed to:

  • Assist kids with their homework
  • Lead cooking or craft sessions
  • Organise sports activities
  • Develop games that build trust
  • Provide healthy snacks
  • Encourage responsibility and ownership
  • Listen to your concerns and your child
  • Encourage you and your child to seek help

Our After School Club is a safe space for you and your child. When you talk to us, we can  also connect you to other support systems run by Family Life or another provider. Whether you could benefit from counselling or a support group, we can help.

Contact us

If you think you and your child could benefit from our After School Club, contact us today. Email or call (03) 8599 5433.

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