Prisoner Family Relationships

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A program to support prisoners and their families to improve and maintain relationships during incarceration.

Prisoner Family Relationships

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The Unite Program

The Unite program helps prisoners improve and build family relationships. It is available at five prisons across Victoria.

This service offers prisoners and their partners/families access to information sessions and education programs to help improve relationships.  Printed resources supporting these programs are also available to prisoners, partners, children and their families.

Unite works in close partnership with other family support networks to guide participants to the various services available to them.

What services does the program provide?

Unite consists of a series of support and information sessions for prisoners and their family members:

  • Prisoner Information Sessions
  • Prisoner Education Sessions
  • Family Education Sessions
  • Family Reconnection Sessions
  • Family Needs Assessments and Engagement Plans
  • Written Resources (including a Kit developed specifically for children)

How will I benefit?

The Unite program offers prisoners and their families the opportunity to learn how to improve/maintain their relationships.

How can I find out more about this program?

Want more information? Contact Unite on 1300 864 831 or

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