Are you struggling with the responsibilities of a young parent? Whether you need parenting skills support, or someone to talk to, we can help.

Helping you and your child from cradle to kinder

At Family Life, we know it can be tough to bring up a child at a young age. This is why we offer assistance for vulnerable young mothers and parents in Bayside Peninsula region of Melbourne.

Whether you’re looking to complete your studies while raising your child or feel you don’t have all the parenting information you need, this pre- and postnatal support program provides long-term support to young families.

Especially for  young mums, the Cradle to Kinder program is designed to help you better plan for your child’s needs. Our workers ensure you have the practical support you need to be a great parent.

Will this program help me?

We can support your through our Cradle to Kinder program if:

  • You’re 25 years and under
  • You’re 20 weeks pregnant to full-term, or have an infant aged up to 6 weeks
  • You need pregnancy and parenting support

If you’ve been in – or are currently  in – out-of-home care, the program is well suited to your needs. It is also a diverse program, so we encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait women to take part.

What is the Cradle to Kinder program?

Getting support during your child’s early years can make a huge difference further down the track. The Cradle to Kinder program aims to help young families from pregnancy into your child’s early years.

If you take part in the program you’ll get:

  • Advice and support during pregnancy
  • Weekly home visits from program workers
  • Parenting education and support
  • Group meetings with other parents
  • Access to specialist services, like mediation and housing services.

It’s important to know that the program is not a one-off service. If you’re accepted into Cradle to Kinder, you’ll be taking part in a four year program. Each week you’ll have access to range of services and will meet regularly with workers and other parents.

What can I expect from Cradle to Kinder?

Our services offer you a range of benefits including:

  • A stronger, more healthy relationship with your child
  • A higher chance of a healthy child as they grow
  • A greater level of independence
  • Access to education, training and employment opportunities
  • Referrals to other support services, if needed.

Cradle to Kinder can help you better manage the needs of your child. It can also help you become more involved in your community, and strengthen your relationship with your young one.

How can I get involved?

Taking part in Cradle to Kinder comes through the government Intake Service Initiative (formerly ChildFIRST). Referrals can be made on your behalf by a GP, maternal child health nurse or other community health services.

Family Life, in partnership with VACCA (Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency), offers Cradle to Kinder to young families living in Melbourne’s Bayside and Mornington Peninsula area.

For new referrals:

Call us on 1300 721 383

If you would like to learn more about the program or to speak with with a member of Family Life’s Cradle to Kinder team please call 03 8599 5433 or email:


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