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Becoming a parent can cut you off from friends and family. Our Community Bubs program can help you become a better parent while getting you more involved in your community.

Parents and Babies Support

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Becoming a parent is a major step. It can isolate you from your friends, and even affect your self-confidence. Family Life’s Community Bubs program can help you develop your parenting skills, grow your self confidence and support you to meet your child’s developmental needs.

Is Community Bubs right for me?

Community Bubs can help parents and carers to build strong attachments with your baby, equipping you with the skills needed to ensure your baby thrives and develops in a safe and supportive home environment.

To be eligible for the program you must be:

  • in your final trimester.
  • have a child between 0 and 6 months old.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time parent or you’ve done this before, whether you have a partner or are a single parent, Community Bubs can help you grow.

How can Community Bubs help?

Our professional staff can help by providing support specific to you. Over the course of up-to 9 months, we can:

  • Help you build self-esteem and confidence as a parent
  • Help you make positive parenting habits
  • Introduce you to other groups and services in your local community
  • Connect you with other support services
  • Share information about infant development, mental health awareness, and the impact of family violence on infant development
  • Help you improve communication skills with other family members

We’ll work with you to build a strong foundation, so, together with the right community connections, to playgroups, support groups and educational programs you can continue to look after your infant for their future development and wellbeing.

What programs are part of Family Life’s infant support services?

To better connect you with the community and build your parenting skills and confidence, Family Life has a number of programs and activities available:

How can I be part of this?

To find out more about any of the programs or playgroups, contact Family Life on (03) 8599 5433 or send an email to familyservices@familylife.com.au

Alternatively, take a look at the attached program information flyer.

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