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If your relationships with friends and family could be stronger, our support group offers a welcoming space to improve your communication and listening skills.

Men’s Support Group

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Find a welcoming community in the Men’s Support Group

The Family Life Men’s Support Group in Tootgarook is a welcoming and supportive space for men to find a positive connection to their community.
There are many reasons you may feel disconnected from your relationships and community, and this group is perfect for those looking to find more positive ways of interacting with your partner, children, family or friends.

Is this group for me?

The Men’s Support Group is a non-intimidating way to reconnect with yourself and with others. While there are some structured mindfulness exercises, the focus of the group is having an open and non-judgmental space to chat about any topic while having lunch.
Some men find that the Support Group helps them get the most out of counseling, post-separation mediation and/or parenting courses, while others improve their relationships just by being part of the group.

How will I benefit?

In becoming part of the Tootgarook Men’s Support Group, you will:

  • Meet other men in your local community
  • Have the opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind in a supportive group
  • Learn mindfulness exercises
  • Improve relationships with friends and family by brushing up your communication and listening skills

How can I get involved?

The Men’s Support Group is held each Thursday at Tootgarook House. Call Adam on 9784 0650 or email for more information.

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