Men’s Case Management

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Family Life offers assistance to men who require additional support as part of their journey within the Behaviour Change program, or to those who want to make enduring change.

Men’s Case Management

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Family Life’s Men’s Case Management service provides clients with an individualised and tailored response to work on any barriers they may have in addressing their need to change. This service offers additional support to men who are engaging with Family Life for Men’s Behaviour Change (MBC) and/or the Dads in Focus program.

Dads In Focus is committed to helping fathers make a positive change in their attitude, values and behaviours that might be leading to family violence. Click here to read more

Men’s Behaviour Change Groups – Family Life delivers the Court Mandated Counselling Order Program (CMCOP) as well as accepting self referral into these groups.

The Men’s Case Management service differs from the above programs as outlined below;

  • The program is voluntary
  • The program supports men with complex needs to engage more easily
  • The program provides assistance to men who are awaiting a position in a group program
  • The program can be a group readiness process
  • The program can be for men who have completed (or currently completing) MBC but need further and more intensive acceptance and commitment work
  • It does not replace mandated work, it works to complement other supports for the safety of all affected family members

Is this program for me?

The following eligibility criteria applies for Men’s Case Management:

You have been removed from the home and are homeless or have unstable housing as a result of using violence against family members and require practical support around managing risk

You require additional support prior to MBCP due to the following:

  • English is not your primary language.
  • There are complex needs that require intervention.
  • You require support and stability before you can safely participate in a MBCP, including mental health and/or alcohol and other drug concerns.
  • You have complex needs including cognitive impairment and acquired brain injury (ABI) and require support around complex health and social issues (including specialist skills experience).
  • You may be at risk from other perpetrators due to the nature of your offending or relationship context.

You require additional support as you are currently attending a MBCP and;

  • require additional practical and psychological supports to encourage and maintain your engagement.
  • To address the risk associated with your use of violence as well as risk to yourself (self-harm and suicidal ideation).

You require additional practical support following completion of a Men’s Behaviour Change Program.

More about this program

Family violence can be stopped, but your behaviour and attitude will need to change. If you want healthier relationships, and a better future for you, your children and your partner, our program can help.

Find out more about our Men’s Case Management by contacting Family Life today.

**Please note that due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to offer these services face to face. We are delivering this service online. Whilst our physical service centres are closed, we are still available via phone or email for you to access our services.

Phone: +61 3 8599 5433
Email: familysafety@familylife.com.au

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