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Strength2Strength is a client-led program for children and their parents, who are survivors of family violence.

Parent and Children Recovery Services

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If you or your child/ren have been involved in family violence and want to make a start on therapeutic recovery, Family Life’s Strength2Strength program could be what you’re looking for. Family Life’s parent (mother) and children recovery services can help you and your child/ren recover from trauma.

The Strength2Strength program provides multidisciplinary support to survivors of family violence. Where suitable, the program offers access to a variety of clinicians and therapeutic options.

The Therapeutic Intervention Practitioners will provide you with an assessment and brief therapy to help you and your child/ren find the services you need.

Am I eligible for this program?

The Strength2Strength program is valuable if:

  • You have experienced family violence in your lifetime and you have self-determined readiness for therapeutic support.
  • You are a mother or female caregiver.
  • Your child/ren are aged 5 to 17 years.
  • You live in the Bayside Peninsula Region which includes the local government areas of Port Phillip, Bayside, Glen Eira, Stonnington, Kingston, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula.

What services does the program provide?

Strength2Strength offers therapy services to you and your child/ren. Our services aim to help you understand, manage and overcome you and your child/ren’s experiences of family violence.

As part of the program, you and your child/ren will:

  • be supported by Therapeutic Intervention Practitioners throughout the process.
  • be provided with child-friendly therapy for you and your child/ren by Therapeutic Intervention Practitioners.
  • meet with practitioners in your community, school or in Family Life’s offices – wherever offers the safest space for intervention. In some circumstances we also offer Telehealth.

How will I benefit?

The Strength2Strength program provides a number of benefits to you and your child/ren. It can help:

  • Process past experiences
  • Empower you and your child/ren
  • Support your child/ren’s development
  • Nurture ongoing family connection
  • Strengthen female caregiver and child/ren relationships
  • Educate and support you to better understand and cope with parenting through trauma


Strength2Strength is one of our client-led programs. Strength2Strength presents a trauma-informed, child-focused and individual-centred intervention for children and their parents, who are survivors of family violence. The program delivers individual empowerment-focused intervention with the child/ren and their parent, dyadic work, individual and family work.

Referrals for this program come through family violence and other organisations, private therapists and you can self-refer. Strength2Strength is a partnership service between Family Life, Good Shepherd, Monash Health (SECASA) and The Salvation Army.


Our team will set goals with you and work with you in an appropriate time frame of 3-12 months. We’ll go at your own pace, guided by your therapist. There are no numbered sessions.


The location is flexible – we can meet you in our offices or a safe, comfortable location.

If you would like to know more about this service or check your eligibility, contact Family Life on (03) 8599 5433 or submit a request through our Contact Us page. To request support from this service, please complete this form.

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