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Kulawarga Kulawarga didirikeun taun 1970 ku sukarelawan, sareng mangrupikeun 'sumanget rélawan' anu parantos ngabantosan Kulawarga Kulawarga tumuh sareng janten organisasi anu sregep sareng suksés pisan ayeuna.

Sukarelawan sareng Kami

imah > meunangkeun aub

Ekspresi Minat Relawan

Family Life is looking for new volunteers. Whether it’s a few hours a week or a larger commitment, it all makes a difference!

We rely on dedicated and compassionate volunteers to assist with many aspects of our operations, without which we simply could not support the families and communities who need our help.

Family Life was founded by volunteers more than 50 years ago and they continue to play a vital role in supporting our community today.

Volunteer Retail Assistant

Family Life has multiple Community Opportunity Shops located across the Bayside region of Melbourne. These community-hubs are vibrant spaces, each shop playing an important role in the lives of the community of which they are a part.

Volunteer Retail Assistants help with the day-to-day operations of stores.

Volunteer Distribution Centre Assistant

Distribution Centre volunteers support the operations of the Community Opportunity Shops by working at our warehouse. Tasks include storing goods, moving and rearranging stock in the opportunity shops, organising donation collections and delivery of goods.

Volunteer Delivery Driver and Jockey

The Delivery Driver and Jockeys assist the Community Opportunity Shop operations by driving the Family Life vehicles to deliver stock to Opportunity Shops and between the shops, collecting donations from the public and to deliver purchased goods to customers.

Daptar minat anjeun

Do you have a free morning or afternoon each week or fortnight? Do you want to learn new skills or use your expertise to help others? Are you interested in meeting new people and giving back to your community?

Upami anjeun resep janten sukarelawan atanapi hoyong inpormasi langkung seueur ngeunaan sukarela di Family Life, punten daptar minat anjeun ku ngalengkepan formulir di handap.

Once you have completed and submitted the form below, you will receive an acknowledgement email. One of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you to discuss your volunteering aspirations, your skills and the opportunities available at Family Life.

Punten perhatoskeun umur minimum pikeun rélawan di Family Life yuswa 15 taun.