Supporting the Community During COVID-19

By Zoe Hopper June 11, 2020

Thanks to funding from the City of Kingston and a generous donation from the community, Heartlinks has been able to provide free workshops and counselling to the community during COVID-19.

Ten workshops were run throughout May with a focus on parenting and teaching during COVID-19 and ‘Looking After You’ for parents, students and teachers.

Seven families have accessed our counselling services free of charge.

The sessions were conducted with the support of Family Life’s School Focused Youth Service Team.

Feedback from participants:

“The overview about brain development, the stress response and 3 ‘R’ was useful and has given me a greater understanding of children’s responses and how to support them.”

“It has made me more mindful about where I am actually sitting in regarding stress and anxiety about external factors. Being about to identify this will assist with my support to students whom are likely to be experiencing the same. The workshop provided me with other considerations to think about when assisting students.”

“The material presented just gave me a moment to be able to reflect and realise that there are a number of options I can avail myself of to assist me in this massive time of change. I certainly left with an outlook that was more optimistic than the one I went in with.”


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