Sharing the Love

By admin June 3, 2019

Family Life has been ‘sharing the love’ with the community for nearly 50 years!

Giving to the community is at the core of what we do and whilst our staff, volunteers, board members, donors, corporate and community partners walk with us on this journey, we have a desire to extend beyond that and call others into this family of sharing.

In an effort to do this, the Community Engagement team has created the ‘Share the Love’ campaign to let more people know about the great work that we do and encourage awareness, participation, volunteering and donations.

Through a social media campaign, pitches to radio, a mail out campaign and community brand awareness events we are asking the community ‘how are you sharing the love?’

The key message of the campaign is:

We need to help more families and children than ever before.

To do that, we need the support of our community.

Please make a donation today to ‘Share the Love’ with young families and children doing it tough.

Hocking Stuart Sandringham, MinuteMan Press Braeside and ClutchMedia are all generously supporting this campaign through in-kind support and funding. We are so appreciative of their generosity.

To you, our existing supporters, please like our Facebook Page, share the message with your family and friends, visit our website and donate online. Share the love that you already help create.

Donate today


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