Racing Fashion Donation Call

Has a dress that once made you feel great lost its magic for you?… Consider donating it to Family Life, to put spring in someone else’s step.

Racing Fashion Donation Call

By admin October 25, 2018

Give Your Old Race Wear a Spring in its step

The smell of spring is in the air and avid race goers across Melbourne are starting to assess their options for the upcoming flurry of events.

Family Life Op Shops are urging Baysiders to take a look at their fashions of past and decide which are likely to make the cut for this year.

Family Life Retail Operations Manager, Allie Ladd, said:

“Sometimes a dress that has made you feel great for a couple of occasions loses its magic for you… but that doesn’t mean it can’t put a spring in someone else’s step.

“If you don’t feel the love for an item anymore, we ask you to consider donating it to us where we will give it another life.”

Proceeds from the Family Life Op Shops go straight back into the local Bayside community through the provision of services for people who are experiencing Family Violence, support networks for young mothers and children and creating positive social change.

Local race-goer, Caroline Stremski, who attends all the main race events each year said:

“I re-wear most of my race outfits, but I also like to throw a new look or two into the mix each season.

“The dresses I no longer wear, I donate to Family Life.

“Because they have only been worn once or twice, they are practically brand new. I hate the thought of them just hanging in my cupboard.

“The fact that Family Life can make money from my dresses and then do something positive in my local community makes it a double win for me.

“I can only hope that the new owner has as much fun in them as I have.”

Family Life Op Shops are located in Hampton, Cheltenham, Black Rock, Highett and Chelsea.


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