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By admin September 2, 2019

During term 4, 2018 Creating Capable Communities (CCC) Hastings delivered their first Creating Capable Leaders (CCL) program with women from Wallaroo Community Estate in Hastings. Some families living within the Wallaroo neighbourhood experience social isolation, financial disadvantage, unemployment, mental health issues, violence, unstable housing, alcohol and drug use.

Some CCL participants were looking for personal pathways and individual growth, while others were wanting to make an impact in the community and drive community change.

Twelve months on Family Life staff member, Rosie, met with participant, Michelle, and her mother, Wilma, to reflect on Michelle’s CCL journey.

Wilma commented on how far Michelle had come since CCL and how much motivation and drive she shows when involved in community related social issues that she is passionate about, “I can’t believe how committed and enthusiastic Michelle has become,” she said.

Michelle has been through some testing times in her life, however, following participating in CCL has placed a time frame on her goals and wants to achieve these within the next two years.

According to Michelle one of the best things to come out of participating in the CCL program was doing actions and plans (goal setting and how to get there) and seeing herself pursue these goals and accomplish them. “CCL was a wake-up call for my previously existing passions,” Michelle said.

At present Michelle volunteers for a number of different services. She provides support for an opportunity shop, is wanting to get involved in providing advocacy for homelessness, she is an advocate for youth services and issues (currently she is engaged in a local community college) and she is in the process of completing educational certificates.

This year Michelle was also involved in the planning committee for International Women’s Day and is on the committee for the upcoming International Men’s Day event. She is a wholehearted human who contributes to the community with a genuine warmth and commitment.

For Michelle, CCL has helped her turn her existing passions into a reality.

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