Meet Sarah

‘Sarah’, a mother in her early thirties, sought help from Family Life for parenting support. She was referred by the Maternal and Child Health Nurse due to concerns about her two young children’s sleep patterns, which were disrupted by night terrors stemming from family violence they had witnessed.

Sarah also faced challenges with her own mental health, social isolation, and the need for guidance in parenting.

The case was assigned to a Family Life Team member. Using a trauma-informed lens, they worked together to set goals aimed at establishing boundaries and bedtime routines, offering practical parenting advice, and educating Sarah on attachment, the effects of family violence on children, and trauma’s impact on family dynamics. They worked on nurturing the mother-child bond through age-appropriate activities.

To expand the family’s social network and support system, the therapist connected Sarah’s children with extracurricular activities and playgroups while encouraging Sarah to engage with community groups. Additionally, referrals were made for counselling and mental health support for the mother through our Family Violence counselling services.

Collaboration was key to success. The therapist coordinated efforts with the Maternal and Child Health Nurse, the Family Violence team, school and kindergarten staff, and local sports clubs. Financial assistance was secured for the children’s participation in a Little Athletics club, and ongoing support sessions were arranged through the school.

Sarah’s involvement in community groups led to meaningful connections with other parents. She expressed feeling more integrated into the community and was eager to explore additional playgroups.

With weekly in-home parenting support, Sarah gained confidence in her abilities, ensuring her children’s optimal development and a strong bond between them.

Today, Sarah remains connected to community resources, regularly attends playgroups, and keeps her children engaged in both education and sports.

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