Meet Bobby

‘Bobby’, a 35-year-old man, recently consulted with a practitioner to assess his suitability for Family Life’s Men’s Behaviour Change Program through the court system. Bobby displayed significant resistance to change, showing little ownership or acknowledgment of his use of family violence. He openly admitted to “humouring the process” and expressed doubts about gaining anything from the program.

Despite his initial reluctance, Bobby joined the Men’s Behaviour Change Program and initially maintained a defensive attitude. During the early stages of the program, he even insisted that he hadn’t committed any form of family violence.

However, three weeks into the program, Bobby experienced a breakthrough during a session focused on intimidation and coercive control. It was his ‘lightbulb moment.’ For the first time, he admitted to the existence of family violence at home, recognised areas where he could improve, and acknowledged the unhealthy messages being conveyed to his children.

Our practitioner noted a gradual transformation in Bobby’s demeanour and involvement in the group.

Throughout the program, Bobby transitioned from being dismissive and resistant to fully accepting responsibility and being accountable for his actions. He actively sought feedback from his partner and children on how to become a better father and partner.

Subsequently, Bobby became a source of encouragement for other men attending the sessions, urging them to discover their own ‘lightbulb moment.’

Family Life’s Men’s Support Services aim to assist participants like Bobby in understanding the impact of their violent behaviour on their families, enhancing their knowledge, and modifying their behaviour to break the cycle of family violence.

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